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My Restoration Of a

1973 Rupp Magnum

This is one of my favorite Rupp snowmobiles ever made. I purchased this sled three years ago from Bill Stull and this sled has undergone a near complete restoration, with a new engine, new glass work, and new seat cover. The suspension was even dropped for bead blasting and painting. The motor was restored by Daren Carlson while the glasswork was done by Bill Stull. I personally wet-sanded the tunnel and polished it. It truly has been a labor of love!

Quick Specs:

Brand: 1973 Rupp Magnum 440

Motor: 440cc Free Air Tohatusu

Condition: Restored

Mileage: Approx 300

The motor was professionally restored by Daren Carlson with new pistons and gaskets. The engine case was even bead blasted and anodized for a new finish. This motor is the gem of the sled and is extremely hard to find. In fact, I had to do a lot of horse trading to get this motor. It was well worth it, though!

Before Pictures:

This sled was a mess when I got it. The motor was an older 340 fan cooled Rupp motor from an unknown sled, there was moss growing in the engine compartment, and there was rust everywhere. But, it did have the original skis and fiberglass still on it.


The Restoration:

I wish I could say that I restored this 1973 Rupp Magnum myself, but I there's no way I could have done this alone. In fact, this sled was restored with the help of many people, including Bill Stull, Vance Elfering, Daren Carlson, Rick Weaver, Troy Strangstalien, and my wife. Here are some pics along the way.


The Finished Product:


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