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1975 Rupp Centaur

Rupp's entry into the motorcycling genre was relatively shortlived. The Rupp Centaur was only produced in 1974 and 1975, with the 1974 being a one seater and the 1975 being a two seater. The Centaurs featured an all fiberglass body with a steel tube frame. The Centaurs were offered in four color choices: red, light blue, yellow, and white. The drive train consisted of an oil injected 340cc Kohler 340-2AS fan-cooled snowmobile motor and a clutch operated automatic transmission which included both forward and reverse gears.

Rupp manufactured 1200 Centaurs in the two years of production, and one of its most famous owners is Elvis Prestley. In fact, if you were to take a tour of Graceland, you would still find it in the Prestly collection. If you were to find a Rupp Centaur today, I would suspect it to have low mileage. Encasing a snowmobile motor in a fiberglass body in a machine expected to run soley in warm months proved to be a troublematic design and many Centaurs suffered mechanical breakdowns. In fact, the Centaur you see here has just over 1800 miles and is on its second motor.

I purchased this machine from Rick Weaver two years ago. Last Summer, a former student of mine took the body off the frame and restored the body. Originally yellow and then spray painted black and blue, I just couldn't bring myself to restore it back to yellow. So, it was resprayed a proper Rupp red color and the mechanicals of the machine were refurbished. This particluar machine will go approximately 70 MPH. The picture at the bottom shows what it looked like the first day I got it.

Quick Specs:

Brand: 1975 Rupp Centaur

Owner: Keith Kenyon (Me!), Westby, WI

Motor: Kohlor 340-2AS Fan-Cooled Motor

Miles: 1800

Owner: Keith Kenyon (Me!)




The Bike:

Previous Picture:


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