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1976 Alouette Super Brute Restoration

With Tim Spiegelhoff

The year 1976 was a big one for Rupp. First off, Rupp introduced a whole new Nitro model with a Xenoah liquid cooled power plant, marking the first time Rupp used liquid cooling in a consumer sled. The 1976 liquid cooled 440cc Nitro model was tested by SnowSports magazine and "was the top performer or close to it in every speed run" and was widely accepted by consumers. In addition to the new Nitro, Rupp began producing Alouette snowmobiles which were essentially rebadged Rupps. Pictured here is a 1976 Alouette Super Brute, which is a rebadged 1976 Magnum. Now, the Magnum was produced in extremely low numbers. Alouettes, in general, were produced in even smaller numbers, so that makes this sled extremely rare.

Quick Specs:

Brand: 1976 Alouette Super Brute 440cc

Owner: Tim Spiegelhoff, Stoughton, WI

Motor: Xenoah Liquid-Cooled 440cc

The Sled:

Tim purchased this particular example in Illinois, where it was used for water cross racing. The sled was extremely rough and the motor was completely full of water. But, given its rarity and value, Tim elected to completely restore it. The restoration took a total of 14 months and Tim used a combination of OEM Rupp and reproduction parts. The paint work was handled by Tim and a friend of his. The motor was completely reworked by another friend and Bill Stull added the finishing touches to the sled. An unusual feature of the sled is that it still sports it's original seat cover!

The worst part of the restoration? Well, Tim says that "blasting the parts and front clip of the sled" was the worst aspect of the restoration while the best part was "seeing it go back together!"

And the bottom line? "Lots of late nights and dirty clothes."


The Restoration:

The picture on the left below shows what the sled looked like after the chassis components and motor was redone and installed. The picture on the right below illustrates the sled following the installation of the lower panels. The hood is next!


Here's what the sled looked like after the hood was installed. Next up comes the installation of the new skis and the decals.

Before Pictures:

Here's what the engine compartment of the sled looked like before Tim started with it. As you can see, this was quite a project sled.


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