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Rupp Rider: Bill Stull

Rupp's sole attempt at Sno-Pro racing was the Third Dimension in 1974. While other manufactures spent a great deal of effort fielding sno-pro sleds in the late 1970's, Rupp was forced to focus their attention on keeping the company out of bankruptsy.

That all changed two years ago when Bill "Elvis" Stull created a couple of Rupp "What If" Sno-Pro racing sleds, one for 1975 and one for 1976. These sleds represent the Bill Stull's vision of the kind of sno-pro sleds Rupp would have made if they could. Pictured below is Bill's 1976 "What If" creation.

1976 Rupp "What If" Sno-Pro


Pictured below is Bill's 1975 "What If" creation. This sled featres a 650cc free air motor. Note his wife, Becky, sitting on the sled in the first picture and the "Mini 3D" in the second picture.

1975 Rupp "What If" Sno-Pro

I have personally visited Bill's shop in Polonia, Wisconsin, on several occasions. Home of the Rupp Shop, you can find several hard-to-find Rupp snowmobiles such as 1970-1976 magnums, 1974 Third Dimensions, 1975 F/As, and many other Rupps such as Nitros, Americans, Sports, and Yankees. Bill has hundreds of Rupps and Rupp parts. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend you take a trip up to Polonia and visit the Rupp Shop.


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