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Rupp Rider: Brian Boucher

Brian Boucher is definitely dedicated to the preservation of the liquid cooled Rupp Nitro snowmobiles and he has two of them to prove it - a 1976 Nitro and a 1977 Nitro.

1976-1978 Rupp Nitros featured liquid cooling in either 250cc, 340cc, or 440cc Xenoah models. The first of Brian's sleds, pictured on the right, is a 1976 model which features a 340cc engine. Brian has been working on getting this sled ready to race. The second is a 1977 model to which Brian took out the original motor and swapped it with a Polaris 500cc motor. You can see more details of the restoration of his 1977 Rupp Nitro here.


1976 Rupp Nitro 340cc

These pictures below show the engine compartment and a before picture to show you how much work Brian has done to the sled since he bought it. Apparently the previous owner registered the sled every year!

Here are a couple of pictures of Brian's 1977 Nitro, one of the sled and the other of that Polaris motor. As you can see, that Polaris motor fits in there pretty good!

1977 Rupp Nitro (Polaris 500cc Motor)

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