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Brian Landsverk's Snowmobile Collection

These pictures were sent to me by Brian Landsverk from Waukegan, IL. This isn't your ordinary Rupp collection! Brian has several significant Rupps, which include two 1972 Yankee 440's, two 1973 Yankee 440's, one 1973 Nitro 440, one 1971 Sprint 34, one 1971 634 WT, on 1972 Yankee 295, three 1972 Nitro's (295,340,440), one 1971 Magnum 400, a 1975 Nitro 440, and a 1975 Centaur. Brian's Father was a Rupp dealer and I'm certain this has had an influence in the depth of Bran's collection. One thing is for sure, Brian is ready for any weather!

The first in Brian's collection is an original 1975 Rupp Centaur with only 1600 miles.

1975 Rupp Centaur


Next is another nice original Rupp, this time a racing sled, a 1973 Rupp Magnum 440cc.

1973 Rupp Magnum 440cc

Next, are three Rupp Roadster 2 minibikes, one done in Rupp red, one in purple, and one painted in gold. All three bikes look ready for the trails!

Two Rupp Roadster 2 Minibikes


Rupp Roadster 2


Finally, these last four pictures are from when Brian's father was a dealer. The first is the business card, which is the only one his father has left.


Brian's father, Don Landsverk, is pictured below with his staff along with a full Rupp lineup of 1972 Sleds. Note the brand new 1972 Nitro 440 in front!

In the picture below on the left, the mayor of Waukegan is sitting on a 1972 Roadster 2 while Jack Hadfield, a Rupp Representative, and his father looks on. In the picture below on the right, the mayor is on a Rupp go cart and the chief of police is sitting on a mini bike doing a promotional fund raiser for local YMCA. Notice the big Rupp lighted sign in the background.



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