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Rupp Rider: Buddy Baker, Ohio

Nestled in the Bukeye state of Ohio is Buddy Baker and his brother Gary's impressive collection of Rupp minibikes and motorcycles.

Buddy's father was Rupp's purchasing agent for 11 years and this allowed Buddy and his brother Gary access to some really cool Rupp products. Pictured at the right is a custom fiberglass R&D Go Kart outfitted with a Tecumseh 5HP motor and Dellorto carburetor. This is a pre-production unit from which the plastic bodied go karts would be produced. Buddy is pictured behind the kart watching his brother Gary behind the wheel.

Buddy Baker's collection includes a couple of L-100's, a 1971 Roadster 2, a 1972 RST, a L-80, an RMT, and couple of 1976 Nitro 440's.

Pictured below is a Rupp promotional piece for the 1975 bikes. Buddy is modeling in the picture, and is shown kneeling down next to the brown Roadster 2.

1975 Rupp Minibikes (Rupp Promotional Image)


This is my Buddy's father in front of Rupp Manufacturing back around 1975 showing off the introduction of the new “Rupp Ice Boat”. Buddy notes that a neighbor of his just picked up three of these, including the original paperwork:

1975 Rupp Ice Boat


(Click On Image For Full Size Picture)


Several of Buddy's minibike collection are pictured below:

1972 Rupp RMT & 1975 Rupp RST

This bike pictured below is a L-100 which has a custom paint job to match Mickey Rupp's SS-5, with the exception of this one having power coated handlebars and not having a head light or tail light.

Rupp L-100

Pictured below is a beautiful 1971 Rupp Roadster 2 which Buddy drives at least one a week:

1971 Rupp Roadster 2

Pictured below is a Rupp L-100 which is in mostly original condition and even has a title. The L-80 is shown in the middle of it's restoration.

Rupp L-100 & L80

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