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Vintage Rupp Pictures With Darin Kurth

These pictures come to me from Darin Kurth in Adams, Wisconsin. All of these pictures were taken in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Obviously, Darin and his family have been true "Rupp Riders" for many, many years.

This picture below is a BRAND NEW 1968 Rupp Sno-Sport that Darin's dad purchased new. Note the cool trailer, also painted Rupp Red.


This picture, from December 1969, depicts Darin's father in the middle. The first three on the right are Rupps, followed by a Skiroule. Can you identify the last sled on the left?


Here are two more black and white images that were also taken in December of 1969.

This picture below shows five of the seven sleds Darin's family owned when he was a child. Shown, from left to right, are a 1969 Sno-Sport, a 1972 Rouge, a 1972 Sport, a 1972 Yankee, and a 1971 Wide Track with a 634cc Hirth motor.


This picture shows more of the Kurth's Rupps, along with 2 Ski-Doo Alpines used by the local snowmobile club for grooming.


This picture was obviously taken at a race of some sort, but I didn't get any details of the event. Note the 1975 Rupp F/A in the lead though!


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