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Joe Francis Snowmobile Collection

These pictures were sent to me by Joe Francis from Manistique, MI. A devout Rupp collector, Joe's collection stands out by the sheer quality of his machines. Joe's sleds are among the finest restored sleds in the country. His attention to detail is amazing, and his sleds win impressive awards wherever they go.


The picture below depicts Joe with his spectacular 1971 Rupp 800 Magnum, which won Best of Show awards in 2005 at the vintage reunion in Eagle River, WI and the North East Wisconsin Vintage/Antique Sled Show & Swap in Crivitz, WI.


The first snowmobile to catch my eye is Joe's totally restored 1976 Rupp Magnum, one of the most sought after Rupp sleds ever made. The 1976 Magnum 250cc is an extremely hard to find sled, given its low production numbers. Note the custom details in the 250cc motor compartment.

1976 Rupp Magnum 250cc

Here is another excellent 1976 Rupp Magnum owned by Joe. This one is the 440cc version, the most powerful Rupp offered that year.

1976 Rupp Magnum 440cc

This picture below is the trail version of the Rupp Magnum, the Rupp Nitro. According to Joe, this sled is his wife's daily driver. If you look closely, you can see some the differences in the Nitro and Magnum, notably the lack of a front bumper and windshield and the addition of aluminum race skis on the Magnum. If you look even closer, you can detect the wider front end and shorter rear tunnel on the Magnum. That Nitro is one neat daily driver.

1976 Rupp Nitro 440cc

This sled below is Joe's 1971 Magnum 800, a mutiple "Best Of Show" winner. The 800 Magnum featured a Hirth 800cc free air motor, three tuned pipes, three Keihin carburetors, and a slide rail suspension. To read more about this particular sled, just click on the sled.

1971 Rupp Magnum 800cc

This sled below is Joe's 1972 Rupp F/A Nitro MOD, which was just recently reworked. This is a recent addition to the Francis collection.

1972 Rupp F/A Nitro Mod 440cc

This sled has to be my all time favorite Rupp, the 1973 Magnum. The 1973 Rupp Magnum featured a 440cc Tohatsu free air motor, slide rail suspension, aluminum racing skis, and a pair of twin stinger pipes. Joe's 1973 Magnum is one of the finest you will ever find.

1973 Rupp Magnum 440cc


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