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The Rupp Riders

Obviously, I'm not just the only fan of Rupp snowmobiles. In fact, there are many, many fans of Rupp snowmobiles called Rupp Riders. Here are some pictures of the collections of some of the Rupp Riders:

Rupp Rider: Rick Weaver, Stewartville, MN

Rides:1974 Rupp Third Dimension, 1972 Nitro.

Note: Click on the sled to view a top notch restoration of a clone sno-pro racing sled.

Rupp Rider: Bill Stull, Polonia, WI

Rides: Rupp Magnums, Nitros, and Third Dimensions.

Note: A top notch restorer, Bill has created a couple of "What If" Sno-Pro Rupps. Click on the picture to see some of Bill's creations.

Rupp Rider: Travis Boesch, Burnsville, MN

Rides: Rupp F/A, Merc Sno-Twisters, RVs

Note: This F/A is super sharp! Click on the sled to see more info on it as well as the other sleds of the Travis Beosch collection. You can even register your Rupp in the Rupp Registry!

Rupp Rider: Brian Boucher, Maine

Rides:1976 & 1976 Rupp Nitros

Note: Brian obviously has a love of Nitros, as you can see in this picture. Click on the picture for more shots of Brian's snowmobile collection.

Rupp Rider: Joe Francis, MI

Rides: 1971, 1973, 1976 Magnums, Nitros

Note: Completely restored sled, won "Best of Show" in the vintage snowmobile display at Eagle River. Click on the picture to see some spectacular Rupp snowmobiles.

Rupp Rider: Darin Kurth, Adams, WI

Rides:1969-1971 Rupp Sno-Sports

Note: These are vintage pictures he sent me from the time he was a kid. These are some real neat pictures!

Rupp Rider: Tim Spiegelhoff,Burlington,WI

Rides: Merc, Rupp, Ski-Doo, Moto-Ski Sno-Pros, Johnson, Polaris

Note: These are pictures from Tim's personal collection. Click on the picture to see some really rare Sno-Pro sleds!

Rupp Rider: Dennis Berning, Albertville, MN

Rides: 1970 Rupp Sprint 34, Rupp Magnum

Note: Picture depicts the Berning and Peterson family in front of the Peterson's Rupps. Click on the picture for more photos of Dennis Berning's collection.

Rupp Rider: Vance Elfering, Dayton, MN

Rides: Rupp F/A's, Rupp's of all years.

Note: Vance is an avid vintage racer and owns RIP Racing Products, a company that reproduces snowmobile parts in plastic as well as aluminum. More from Vance soon!

Rupp Rider: Thomas Peterson, Champlin,MN

Rides: 1972 & 1973 Rupp Americans

Note: These two sleds are both nearly original sleds and are in super nice shape. This picture shows Thomas with his son Kevin and daughter Laura.

Rupp Rider: Buddy Baker, Ohio

Rides: Rupp motorcycles, minibikes, Nitros

Note: Buddy's father was Rupp's purchasing agent for 11 years. Click on the picture for some pictures of Buddy's minibike collection, including a Roadster2 and couple of L-100's.

Rupp Rider: Mitch Kintigh, Leslie, MI

Rides: Rupp Magnum, Sprint 44, Nitro

Note: Mitch shares his passion for Rupps with his family. Click the picture for a few pictures of his collection, including a picture of Mitch and his children on a snowmobiling trip!

Rupp Rider: Eric Westman, Sawyer, ND

Rides: 1971 Rupp Magnum & Suzuki Fury

Note: Eric is completing a restoration of the 1971 Magnum

Rupp Rider: Marty Gunn, Durango, CO

Ride:1970 Rupp Sno-Sport

Note: Marty has a nice early example of a Rupp Sno-Sport. Click on the sled for more pictures.

Rupp Rider: Russell DeYoe, Delmar, NY

Ride: 1975 Rupp 440 F/A

Note: Brand NEW sled still in the crate. Stored for 30 years, this sled has never been started or driven!

Rupp Rider: Russell DeYoe, Delmar, NY

Ride: 1975 Rupp 440 F/A

Note: Second photo of sled above.

Rupp Rider: Jon Gebauer, Sanborn, NY

Rides: 1970 Rupp Enduro

Note: A totally restored minibike completed by a 13 year old Rupp Rider!

Rupp Rider: Brian Landsverk, Wakegan, IL

Rides: Rupp Centaur, Roadsters, & Magnum

Note: A varied collection of both snow and road Rupp fun machines.

If you would like your collection listed here, please contact me!


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