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Rupp Rider: Thomas Peterson, Champlin, MN

Another dedicated Rupp Rider is Thomas Peterson from Champlin, Minnesota. The Peterson collection features several nice Rupp offerings from 1972 to 1973, including three Rupp Americans, two Rupp Yankees, and a Rupp Nitro.

Thomas isn't just the only Rupp collector in the family. In fact, his daughter Laura and his son Kevin are also involved with the sport. They are shown below in a photograph I took at Waconia in January of 2006. Laura is shown on one of the family's 1972 Rupp Americans while Kevin is seated on the 1973 Rupp American. Note that both Kevin and Laura are dressed in vintage Rupp snowmobile suits. Even today, they are still quite fashionable.


Thomas sent me a really neat photograph of his collection, which is pictured below.

Peterson Family Rupp Sleds (Shown Left-Right)

1972 Rupp American, 1972 Rupp American, a 1972 Rupp Yankee

1973 Rupp Yankee, 1973 Rupp Nitro, and a 1973 American

1973 Rupp American

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