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Tim Spiegelhoff's Snowmobile Collection

These pictures are the result of a trip over to Tim Spiegelhoff's home in Southeastern Wisconsin. Having been there once before, I came this time armed with my trusty Sony camera ready to steal some pictures of his immaculate collection.

This picture below is the first thing you see when you enter his garage. Notice the row of rare Merc Sno-Twisters on the upper shelf. What a sight!

The first snowmobile to catch my eye was Tim's totally restored 1976 Alouette Super Brute, a re-badged 1976 Rupp Magnum. As you probably aware, the 1976 Rupp Magnum is one of the most sought after Rupp sleds ever made. The 1976 Magnum is an extremely hard to find sled, given its low production numbers. The Alouette Super Brute, the clone of the Magnum, is an even rarer piece. And this one is truly spectacular!

1976 Alouette Super Brute 440


Although it took some effort, I moved past the Alouette and found two rare Sno-Pro sleds, a Ski-Doo and a Moto-Ski. Being true to form, both of these sleds were also restored to an amazing level.

1978 Ski-Doo Sno Pro 250cc & 1979 Moto-Ski Sno Pro 250cc

Next in line was a super sharp Johnson, and in my opinion, one of the best looking sleds Johnson ever produced, a 1976 model. Note the eagle on the hood commemorating the 200 year anniversary of the United States.

1976 Johnson SR 650cc


The following pictures show four more sleds, and represent the diversity of Tim's collection. Listed below are a 1979 Polaris TX 440cc free air, a liquid-cooled 1979 Moto Ski Sonic 340, a 1973 Rupp Magnum, and a 1976 Merc Sno-Twister, the last one being displayed in Tim's basement. I've got two words for that: Understanding Wife.

1979 Polaris TX 440cc & 1979 Moto-Ski Sonic 340cc L/C

1973 Rupp Magnum & 1976 Merc Sno-Twister

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