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Rupp Rider: Travis Boesch

1975 was a transition year for Rupp. The company was still adjusting to the changes in the front office with the selling of the company to Joseph Hrudka. In addition, the company was in its second year of using a new motor manufacturer, Kohler, which would again be replaced with Xenoah engines in 1976. Furthermore, the design team was focused on the new Nitro which would be introduced in 1976 with those new powerplants.

Despite the transitional period, Rupp management wanted a racing sled to offer their faithful followers. As a result, Rupp offered a free-air Nitro called the F/A. Loosely based on the regular Nitro chassis, the Nitro F/A featured a unique bulkhead, fiberglass, and a few other race features such as aluminum skis, a small fuel tank, and a seat pad on the left side of the tunnel. Powering the Nitro F/A was either a 340cc or 440cc Kohler free air motor similar to the engine offered by Merc in the Sno-Twisters.

Quick Specs:

Brand: 1975 Rupp Nitro F/A

Owner: Travis Boesch, Burnsville, MN

Motor: Kohler F/A 440cc

The Collection:

In addition to the Rupp F/A, travis has a few other sleds, including a Ski-Doo RV and a 1976 Merc Sno-Twister, the last of which he purchased from me. Here are a few pictures of the 1976 Merc Sno-Twister:

1976 Merc Sno-Twister 340cc

Rupp Registry:

In addition to being a collector, Travis is a true ambassador of the sport. He is in the process of creating a database of all Rupp owners and their sleds. If you would like to contribute your sled to the Rupp Registry, and to obtain a copy of the Registry, you can email Travis to do so. In order to register your sled, please include your full name, your Rupp model, the engine size, the engine make, sled serial number, and whether your sled is running or not.

Register your sled here.


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