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Vintage Rupp Wreck

This page is dedicated to some of our long lost friends who met a horrible fate not meant for man nor machinery. The first entry is a Rupp Nitro that met the wrong side of a tree at 85MPH in 1989 and was submitted to me from Darin Kurth from Adams, Wisconsin. All that Darin has left of this sled is the primary clutch.

You know the story. Guy meets friend. Guy loans sled out to friend. Friend drinks mass quantities of alcohol. Guy drives sled. Guy meets tree with sled. Not exactly a chick flick. Here's what the sled looked like at first. Note the three Rupps in the background of the first picture.

The Sled:


Here's the tree:


The End Result

Check out the engaged primary and bent secondary clutches in this picture:

Here's a front picture:

"Hmm, can we fix her?"


"Not A Chance!"


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