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2005 Adams-Friendship Show

October 1st, 2005

This Fall, I threw the kids in the van and the Magnums in the trailer and headed to Adams-Friendship in central southern Wisconsin for their first annual show and grass drags. Am I glad I did! In addition to viewing some great grass drag racing, finding a needed vintage throttle cable, but I also got to see firsthand the incredible Arctic Cat Boss II drag sled! Here are some pictures of sleds we saw at the event, starting first with that amazing Boss Cat II:

Arctic Cat Boss II


This year's show consisted of a bunch of Merc Sno-Twisters and Trail-Twisters, perhaps 25 of them or so. There weren't many Rupps present, but there were some other fairly unique sleds.

Here are a few pics of some sleds we saw, starting first with the major brands, including the cleanest 1975 Merc Sno-Twister I have ever seen:

Are you tired of the same old Thunderjets, Twisters, and Blizzards? Want some variety? Well, the Adams-Friendship had it's share of unique sleds. Here were some of the independents, including a Poloron, a Scorpion, and a Hornet. The Poloron, as well as the Ski Doo Elite pictured above, is owned by Loren Lecy.

Poloron Snowmobile, Owner: Loren Lecy


1971 Scorpion, Owner: Rubber Marti

(Owned Since New!)


If you have any additional pictures that I could post on this event, send me a pic with a description.


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