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2006 Adams-Friendship Show

September 30th, 2006


This Fall, my children and I headed to Adams-Friendship in central southern Wisconsin for their second annual show and grass drags. We attended their first show in 2005 and was such a good time we couldn't possibly miss this year's show.

Last year, the incredible Arctic Cat Boss Cat II was there. Not thinking there was any way that could be topped, this year saw the showing of the amazing Budweiser Sno-King super sled capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour! Here are some pictures of sleds we saw at the event, starting first with that amazing Budweiser Sno-King:

Budweiser Sno-King, Owners Paul & Ann Groth


This year's show consisted of an eclectic variety of vintage sleds. Here are a few pictures of some sleds at the event, starting first with the major brands:

1977 Rupp Nitro 250cc

1970 Ski Doo 340 TNT

2001 Eagle River World Champion

Owner: Loren Lecy

Here were a trio of super clean Polaris snowmobiles: 2 Chargers and one Mustang:

Left: 1969 Polaris Charger 298

Right: 1966 Polaris Mustang, Owner: Helmer Lecy

Left: 1969 Polaris TX Charger 648


Are you into Scorpions? Well, this show had a nice selection of really sharp Scorpions to view. Here are two machines that especially caught my eye.

1971 Scorpion Super Stinger, 440 F/A SACHS Motor

Owner: Rubber Marti

1972 Scorpion Stingeroo, 275cc 20 HP Motor

Owner: Larry Williams


Joe Hengel brought his 1978 Yamaha SSR and his 1970 Rupp Magnum to the show, and as you could see, they both drew quite a crowd all day.

Left: 1970 Rupp Magnum & 1978 Yamaha SSR

Right: 1970 Rupp Magnum Motor

Owner: Joe Hengel, La Crosse, WI

Here were a few of the other sleds that caught my eye, but I wasn't able to get much information about them. I know the green Viking was in the swap area for sale for $500 and the Polaris, I think, was some sort of a custom sled.

Left: Viking Snowmobile

Right: 1976 Polaris Snowmobile

Gilson 422 Snowmobile


If you have any additional pictures that I could post on this event, send me a picture with a description.


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