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2003 Hay Days

This Summer, my wife and I had the chance to attend the 2003 Hay Days celebration near the twin citys in Minnesota. Here are some sleds we saw at the event:

This year's Hay Day's consisted of a lot of mid 90's sno-pro sleds, but there were some neat vintage sleds there too. My wife and I saw some really influental vintage sleds, like a 1971 Rupp 800 Magnum, a Polaris Starfire, a few Arctic Cat King Kats and Z's, and some Sno-Jets.

Here are a few pics of some sleds we saw. I'll be honest, I don't know the owners or the exact years of the machines. If you know of either, let me know:

Year: 1971

Make: Arctic Cat

Model: King Kat 800 Triple

Year: 1973

Make: Polaris

Model: Starfire

Year: 1977

Make: Arctic Cat

Model: Z

Year: 1971

Make: Rupp

Model: 800 Magnum


If you have any additional pictures that I could post on this event, send me a pic with a description.


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