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2006 Festival In The Park

And Vintage Sled Show

Kasson, Minnesota

August 12th , 2006

With the scorching hot temperatures of the Summer season hopefully behind us, my family and I took off for the Rochester, Minnesota area for some late Summer fun. We found that and more at the Kasson Festival in the Park on August 12th, 2006.

While many vintage snowmobile shows focus on just snowmobiles, this show featured a car show, motorcycle show, flea market, fireworks, entertainment, as well as a great snowmobile display.

There were some really great sleds at this show, including a 1974 Chaparral SSX, a 1969 Motrak Allied Farms Hustler, an original 1966 Trail-A-Sled H300, and a super nice 1975 TNT F/A. Here are some pictures of sleds at the event, starting with some unique sleds brought by Jeff Haugen, including that Motrak with a supposed top speed of 50 MPH:

Left: 1966 Trail-A-Sled H300

Right: 1969 Motrak Allied Farms Hustler

Owner: Jeff Haugen, Cannon Falls, MN

Left: 1969 Sears Hillary 399

Right: 1971 Swinger 300, 1970 Sno Pony, 1972 Yardman Sno Cub

Owner: Jeff Haugen, Cannon Falls, MN

Here are a few more pictures of sleds we viewed at the show, including a 1973 Rupp 3rd Dimension brought by Rick Weaver, a 1972 Speedway brought by Rick's son Jake, and a couple of Johnsons brought by Greg "Loudmouth Johnson" Lahr:

Left: 1973 Rupp 3rd Dimension, Owner: Rick Weaver, Stewartville, MN

Right: 1972 Speedway 440, Owner: Jake Weaver, Stewartville, MN

1971 Johnson Rampage 437& 1972 Johnson Electro-Sled

Owner: Greg Lahr, St. Joseph, MN

1975 Ski-Doo Twin TNT F/A

Owner: Tom Anderson, Byron, MN

There was a nice variety of snowmobile brands represented, including Sears, Chaparral, Polaris, Scorpion, Yamaha, Sno*Jet, Rupp, Yukon King, and Arctic Cat. Pictured below are some nice Polaris snowmobiles. As you can see, Justin Frederick was kind enough to let my daughter take a seat on his sled, which is something you don't see to often with owners of valuable vintage sleds.

Left: 1970 Polaris TX Playmate 488, Owner: Justin Frederick, West Concord, MN

Right: 1971 Polaris Mustang 488, Owner: Kraig Schuneman, Mounds View, MN

Gary Bromley brought several nice sleds, including a trio of rare and desirable Rupp Magnums. Pictured below are Gary's Rupps as well as an engine picture of his 1971 Rupp Magnum 800:

1971, 1973, 1976 Rupp Magnums

Owner: Gary Bromley, Mantorville, MN

1974 Chaparral SSX, Owner: Gary Bromley, Mantorville, MN


Here are a few more pictures of sleds we viewed at the show, including a couple of nice Arctic Cats brought by Kevin Weitzel as well as a 1967 Yukon King Husky, a 1975 Yamaha GPX, a 1980 Scorpion, and a 1984 John Deere Spitfire:

1970 Arctic Cat Puma 634 & 1974 Arctic Cat El Tigre

Owner: Kevin Weitzel, Glenville, MN

Left: 1967 Yukon King Husky 277, Owner: Chuck Van Canneyt, Zumbrota, MN

Right: 1980 Scorpion Whip 440, Owner: Kent Rundquist, Pine Island, MN


1984 John Deere Sportfire, Owner: Michael Riley, Rochester, MN

Pictured below is a 1975 Yamaha GPX race sled. If you look closely at the dash, you will find a Rupp teach. Now that's a nice touch!

1975 Yamaha GPX, Kevin Schandorff, Kasson, MN


If you want to see a full-size version of any picture above, just simply click on it! If you have any additional pictures that I could post on this event, send me a picture with a description.


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