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2006 Coulee Sno-Drifters Show

Onalaska, Wisconsin

October 14th, 2006

Earlier this Fall, my children and I loaded up a 1976 Magnum and SRX and headed to Onalaska for the Coulee Sno-Drifters third annual vintage snowmobile show, swap meet, and chili feed. If you want bang for your buck, then this is the show for you. For just 2 bucks you could have all the chili you can eat as well as a free chance at a number of snowmobile related raffle prizes! In addition, the show featured FREE general admission and FREE swap spaces for sleds and parts.

There a lot of Arctic Cats at the show as well as some other really great sleds including a beautiful 1971 Arctic Cat King Kat, a clean 1975 Suzuki Fury, a sharp 1973 Arctic Cat El Tigre, and Brian Olson's mint 1969 Scorpion Mark II. Here are some pictures of sleds we saw at the event, starting first with the 1971 Arctic Cat King Kat:

1971 Arctic Cat King Kat 800

Owner: Jim Hartwig, Medford, WI

Continuing with the Arctic Cat theme, here are some pictures of more Arctic Cat sleds from the late 1960's to the early 1970's brought by Dan Jensen, Brian Olson, Phil 'Duck' Drake, and even more from Jim Hartwig.


Left: 1965 Arctic Cat 100, Owner: Dan Jensen, Chippewa Falls, WI

Right: 1965 Arctic Cat 170D, Owner: Brian Olson, Onalaska, WI


Left: 1971 Arctic Cat Panther & Cutter

Right: 1973 Arctic Cat El Tigre 400

Owner: Phil 'Duck' Drake, Roscoe, IL

Left: 1972 Arctic Cat Panther Right: 1973 Arctic Cat Puma,

Owner: Dan Jensen, Chippewa Falls, WI


Left: 1969 Arctic Cat Panther

Right: 1971 Arctic Cat Panther 634

Owner: Jim Hartwig, Medford, WI


Although Arctic Cat dominated the show, there were several other brands represented, including Yamaha, Scorpion, Polaris, Suzuki, and Raider. Here are some of the highlights, including a 1970 Rupp Magnum, a 1977 Yamaha SRX, and a 1978 Yamaha SSR along with a 1975 Arctic Cat Z brought by Joe Hengel of La Crosse, WI.

Left: 1970 Rupp Magnum Right: 1978 Yamaha SSR

Owner: Joe Hengel, La Crosse, WI


1975 Arctic Cat Z & 1977 Yamaha SRX

Owner: Joe Hengel, La Crosse, WI

Left: 1975 Suzuki Fury Right: 1973 Polaris TX

Owner: Larry Griffin, Onalaska, WI

Brian Olson brought along his Scorpion, which won the "Best Of Show" award last year.

1970 Scorpion Mark II, Owner: Brian Olson, La Crosse, WI

For any questions about next year's show, contact Brian or Nancy Olson at 608-781-4424. If you have any additional pictures that I could post on this event, send me a picture with a description.


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