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What's New at OldRupps.com?

Rupp Was Featured Sled For Waconia In January, 2011!
This event was absolutely amazing as Rupp was the featured sled for the MVSS (Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Shows) Waconia Ride In. The dates of the event were Jaunuary 29th and 30th. Some of the events included an 11 mile vintage ride featuring over 600 unique vintage sleds, a swap meet & radar run, a banquet on Saturday night as well as drag and oval racing. I got the opportunity to meet Gene Bloom as well as several great Rupp legends. In addition, I was able to pick up a sweet 1971 Rupp Magnum owned and raced by the one and only Jay Sperry. What a magical and special weekend it was. This year's featured sled is Chaparral.

For more information on the show, go to http://www.mwvss.com.

For pictures of past events, click here.

2008 St Germain Show Pictures Posted!
I've added pictures from the 2008 St. Germain Show from Memorial Day weekend. There was an impressive display of Rupps, including a 1974 Rupp 3rd Dimension, a 1972 Rupp Magnum, a 1973 Rupp Nitro prototype, and a 1975 Rupp Nitro F/A which found it's way into the swap area.

See pictures of those Rupps as well as several Sno Pro sleds, a 1973 EXT, a show stoppping Kawasaki, and two Sno Pro Polaris sleds. This show features the ability to view FULL SIZE pictures simply by clicking on the picture so all you detail guys can view the smallest features of your favorite sleds.

To see the St Germain show pictures, click on the picture. Check out other snowmobile show pictures by clicking here.

Updated My Rupp Collection Page
I've made some minor changes to the list of my Rupps in my collection, including posting new pictures of my Rupp Centaur! You can access the Rupp Centaur by cliking on the picture.

You can check out the rest of the other Rupps in my collection by clicking here.

Updated Rupp Riders Page - Mitch Kintigh
Despite this busy Fall with all the great sled shows and events and school starting, I finally got some time to slightly update the site. I added one new Rupp Rider, Mitch Kintigh. Mitch's collection includes a variety of Rupps including a 1971 Rupp Magnum 440cc, a Rupp 44 Sprint, and a 1973 Rupp Nitro.

You can access Mitch's collection by clicking on the picture. You can check out the rest of the Rupp Riders, including the fantastic collection of Joe Francis and some neat vintage dealer photos sent in by Brian Landsverk by clicking here.

Updated Sleds For Sale Pages
I've made some minor changes to the Sleds For Sale Pages, including the Rupps For Sale page. A couple of sleds have recently sold and I've added a few Rupp motocycles that you can ride today! You can access the Rupp sleds for sale by clicking on the picture. You can check out the rest of the other sleds for sale by clicking here.

Updated Restoration Help Page!
I've added some new features to the Restoration Help page. First, I have categorized the page into three sections: Vintage Snowmobile Site, Restoration Services & Goods, and Vintage Snowmobile Restorations. This way, a person looking for restoration help can locate other vintage collector sources, find businesses, and see what others have done with their sleds. This week, I added information from Cannon Classic Sleds, makers of reproduction windshields and traders of vintage sleds and parts. To check out the changes, click here

Updated Snowmobile Show Page - Eagle River Show Added!
Pictures from the 2006 World Championship Vintage Snowmobile Show & Reunion in Eagle River have been added. See pictures of a 1970 Sno-Pack (pictured), 1977 Kawasaki Sno-Pro, 1974 Ski-Doo Blizzard Sno-Pro clone, as well as a 1969 Ariens 300 III among others. Of course, this show also features the ability to view FULL SIZE pictures simply by clicking on the picture.

To see the Eagle River show pictures, click on the picture. Check out the new Snowmobile Show page by clicking here.

Search Engine Added!
Are you looking for something specific on this site, like a certain snowmobile brand, a Rupp owner, or show? Well, now you can search for specific information here. Finally, there's a way to find the stuff you really want to look at.

More Vintage Pictures Added!
I've updated and added to Darin Kurth's vintage snowmobile pictures under the "Rupp Riders" section. Darin's pictures include a BRAND NEW 1968 Sno-Sport, a vintage snowmobile race, and several pictures of his family's sleds taken in the late 60's and early 70's. If you like vintage photos, this is the page to check out!

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