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Welcome to OldRupps.com!
Last update: March 7th, 2017

This website is dedicated to an extremely successful company, Rupp, which produced a wide variety of classic consumer recreational products. Rupp, an American company that operated out of Mansfield, Ohio, was the dreamchild of Mickey Rupp. From their first year in 1959 to their last year in 1978, the Rupp company produced snowmobiles, minibikes, ATVs, and three wheeled motorized tricycles with a high amount of both quality and style.

Are you looking for a Rupp? This site should help you with lots of resources of companies and people who can help you find that perfect Rupp for your collection.

Want to sell a Rupp? This site should provide sources of classifieds as well as me! I am always looking for Rupp snowmobiles and parts for my personal collection!

Restoring a Rupp? This site also has restoration help with links to quality parts suppliers, specialized restorers, and other Rupp enthusiasts willing to offer their assistance!


So, take a look around and enjoy! I hope this site helps you in your personal quest for Rupp information and Rupp products.

Keith Kenyon
Web Master

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